WW1 Nurse Kate Luard’s links to Dorset

col-frank-luardKate Luard’s brother Colonel Frank Luard, Portsmouth Battalion of the Royal Marine Light Infantry, was as a Lt Colonel stationed at Portland and a resident of Weymouth, along with his brother Fred who had left the British West Indian Regiment and was now serving with the Dorset Militia.

A camp on the outskirts of Blandford is earmarked to be the main training camp. Frank and his men of the Portsmouth Battalion are at Forton Barracks, Gosport, when
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The Legacy of Women in WWI

Kate Adie a famous war correspondent mentions Bridport in her book Fighting on the Home Front: The Legacy of Women in World War One. (Kate resides in Bridport)

fighting-on-the-home-front-by-kate-adieBridport in Dorset, centre of rope-making since the 13th century. Much of the work was carried out by women and children in their cottages. Now, incredible numbers of nets and ropes were suddenly needed for the army — lanyards, pull-through cords for rifles, hay nets for horses. The

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Unknown Warriors

kate-luardUnknown Warriors the Diaries of Kate Luard a WW1 Nursing Sister

The words of Unknown Warriors resonate as powerfully today as when first written. The book offers a very personal glimpse into the world of WW1 nursing where patients struggled with pain and trauma, and nurses fought to save lives and preserve emotional integrity.

Read some diary entries on the website http://kateluard.co.uk/

Hardback, illustrated book £16.99. Available from local book stores and online from Waterstones and Amazon
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Keep the Home Fires Burning

Bridport’s war memorial lists 148 men who died during World War I, and for the ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’ show now on in Bridport Town Hall, former St Mary’s headteacher Sheila Meaney found out about them all. The exhibition is a fascinating and moving look at life in Bridport 100 years ago, and this short video by Nick Gilbey – which features Sheila – is a very good taster. The display is open every day in
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Air with Armed Men

Being shelled is the main work of an infantry soldier, which no one talks about. Everyone has his own way of going about it. In general, it means lying face down and contracting your body into as small a space as possible.

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Jellyfields: Wild Flower Memorial Meadow

jellyfields_memorial_meadowAn area of the Nature Reserve in Walditch Lane has been set aside for the Forum to develop a Wild Flower Memorial Meadow, to mark the centenary of the start of The Great War.

The meadow will be a beautiful, lasting memorial to all the people of Bridport who played their part in the conflict between 1914 and 1919.

Nature has not been kind to us this year and the incredibly wet February and March made the
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